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Do You Know The Most Common Construction Accidents That Occur

Any construction zone can be a dangerous work environment. There can possibly be an intimidating variety of accidents in a construction zone due to the inherently dangerous nature of the work. Heavy machinery and equipment, holes, loud noises and heights pose threats to the unaware worker. You may be the most careful worker on the site but when it comes to safety, nothing is without some element of risk, however small it may be.

The most construction accidents that take place in a workplace could be avoided if the company properly follows the health and safety regulations. But unfortunately there are many companies that do not follow strict health and safety guidelines as workers on the construction sites are most likely to be killed by construction accident than any other type of employment. Give below are the most common accidents on the construction sites:

• Welding accidents

• Scaffolding accidents

• Lifting equipment failure

• Falls from roof

• Trench collapses

• Crane…