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Heat Stress & OSHA

Heat Stress & OSHA
If your workers work outdoors for long periods and are subjected to high temperatures or are actively involved in physically exhausting work, then they may be susceptible to heat stress. In such circumstances, your employees are required to undergo the OSHA trainings in order to combat heat stress disorders and to prevent any further occurrences.

Heat stress and other heat related disorders can result in anything from a moderate headache to tiredness and moderate rashes to severe sunburns, skin cancer and in some cases, a fatal stroke. This is why it is very important to identify and then treat the symptoms as quickly as possible. Heat stress is an issue that should not be taken lightly at all!

Most heat stress disorders are caused due to long exposures to the sun and other high temperatures that may cause dehydration. What’s more, sweating is also the body’s way of attempting to cool off but can result in a tremendous loss of vital fluids and salts that the body needs to be hydrated.

This is why OSHA has made it compulsory for employees to undergo strict trainings before working outdoors or before being exposed to high temperatures. As an employer, it is very important to ensure that all you employees are trained and know how to overcome heat stress and other heat related disorders.