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Watch out for Welding Hazards at Work

Watch out for Welding Hazards at Work
If you are involved in a lot of welding activities at work, then you should know that it is indeed one of the deadliest work activities you can be involved in. Anything can go wrong at any minute. Welding hazards are perhaps the biggest cause for injuries in the construction industries, and most of the injuries can be prevented with a little bit of precaution and a little safety training.

Some of the hazards include:

1.Noise hazards – If workers are constantly exposed to loud noises, it can result in permanent damage and hearing disabilities. All employees must wear OSHA approved ear protection to prevent these hazards.

2.Electrical Hazards – There is always a possibility that you may go through an electric shock while welding. If there is water on the floor, or there is not enough space to move around, it is best to refrain from welding. Always use gloves.

3.Hazardous Fumes – While welding, different gases can be released. Depending on the material that is being welded or painted, harmful gases can be released. These gases can cause flu, fever, body ache, sore chest, wheezing, coughing and even nausea.

Using adequate protection while welding is always the safest bet.