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What is the OSHA 10 Hour DOL Card

What is the OSHA 10 Hour DOL Card
OSHA was first created to ensure that workplaces across the United States were safe and healthy and workers were not vulnerable to accidents. The OSHA 10 hour training courses were then developed to improve the worker’s safety in the general as well as construction industries. You can either take these courses online, or you can attend a live classroom session. Apart from safety purposes, there are many reasons for taking these courses, which include: government requirements, insurance discounts, contractor or employer obligation, and of course, overall workplace safety.

The OSHA 10 hour training courses covers a variety of topics that deal with the most hazardous situations for workers. There are many hazards present at any workplace, and it is very important to understand and know what the right way to prevent accidents from happening is.

Many a times, you may have heard of workers talking about the OSHA 10 hour card or the OSHA 30 hour card. But what exactly is the OSHA 10 hour card? This is basically a wallet sized card that acts as a proof that you have completed the course. What’s more, you will also be given a certificate of completion to prove that you have taken the course, and that the course that you underwent was recognized and accepted by OSHA. The OSHA cards will never expire, and if you look carefully, they have no expiration dates as such. However, Nevada is the only exception, as it required a new card to be issued to workers every 5 years. If you take the OSHA 10 hour training courses online, you will still receive the same card.

Today, many states and government agencies as well as private companies, have made it compulsory for workers to have the OSHA 10 hour card, before they enter a work site. Places like New York State, Nevada, Massachusetts and New Hampshire all require workers to have the OSHA 10 hour card in order to work on public funded projects of varying sizes.