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Regulations Laid Down by OSHA on the Use of Power Tools

Regulations Laid Down by OSHA on the Use of Power ToolsThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration has laid down specific rules that have to be followed by all those who use power tools. All companies and businesses that make use of these tools are required to follow all the regulations put forward by the agency.

There are many workplace risks that are entirely unavoidable. However, OSHA focuses on prevention of danger and thus states that simple equipments like goggles and gloves can make a huge difference in the safety of the employees. Workers should make use of these equipments when they are working with power tools. Also, all the employees that are going to work with power tools and machinery are supposed to undergo proper training before they start working with them.

All workers using power tools should not carry the tool by its cord, as mandated by the agency. Also, the power cord should not be pulled out of its electric source by force. These cords should be kept as far away as possible from any type of sharp and heat emitting objects.

There has to be a guard covering the moving parts of a power tool when it is in use. These parts can be spindles, belts, gears and pulleys. Neck ties and jewelry is supposed to be taken off before operating a power tool.