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Steps to Lodge a Complaint on Unsafe Working Conditions to OSHA

Steps to Lodge a Complaint on Unsafe Working Conditions to OSHAOSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is a federal agency that overlooks the enforcement of safe work practices at work sites. These standards aim towards minimizing the likelihood of workplace injuries and accidents. It is mandatory to comply with the OSHA standards. If your company has unsafe working conditions, you should immediately report it to OSHA.

1.Follow the protocol. Usually, OSHA prefers it that you report all your work place safety concerns to the employer first. This will give your employer the chance to look into these matters and fix them. Many a times, the employers are not aware of the unsafe working conditions existing at the company.

2.If you find that your employer is not doing anything about your complaint or ignoring it completely, move forward with the complaint process. Go through the official website of OSHA and find out whether your workplace is covered by a federal program.

3.Make your complaint. There are a variety of ways through which you can file your complaint. You can either do it online or call or write to the nearest OSHA office. The URLs, telephone numbers and addresses of the all the regional offices of OSHA can be found at the OSHA website.